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Welfare treatment
Working environment

Humanized and comfortable management, equipped with dance / Yoga classes, basketball courts, gyms and other entertainment facilities

Operating hours

5-day 8-hour system, functional departments have weekends and enjoy legal holidays

Accommodation conditions

Free board and lodging, shuttle bus, buffet, complete accommodation facilities

Salary composition

Performance bonus, annual salary adjustment, year-end bonus, sales bonus, R&D project bonus, product line bonus, various special bonuses, equity incentive

Insurance benefits
Full purchase of five social insurances and one housing fund (10% of the housing provident fund)
Other benefits

Holiday welfare, wedding money, birthday party, group building activities

We sincerely invite you to join us

Social recruitment

Campus recruitment

Talent development
The second and third stages of special talent training
To improve the management methods, leadership ability, and thinking pattern of the middle and grassroots management echelon students, and build the special talent training program of BTR to cultivate the middle and grassroots management echelon.
2021 high potential management trainee program
It aims to train management trainees to prepare for management faster and better, and is driven by improving students' execution ability, thinking ability and influence. Through continuous improvement, a spiral growth loop is formed, in order to pull through the talent echelon training system from fresh graduates -- high potential management training students -- middle and grassroots cadres -- senior executives.
The 2021 Annual Management Learning Map Series
It focuses on the theme of team motivation and leadership, and inspires team organization initiative by enabling managers at all levels to master the ability of team motivation leadership, so as to improve organizational efficiency and performance.
Graduate training program
"Ten billion New start, a new track for youth" -- the training program for the Class of 2022. Through pre-job intensive training, extended training, cross-department experience training, on-job training, empowerment workshop, and other programs, the training will be conducted systematically for one year to accelerate the career transformation of fresh graduates, complete the role change, and smooth transition.
Middle and high level reserve echelon training program
"Chaoyong Plan" -- high-level reserve echelon training project in 2022. A project to help the reserve management cadre system to master the management knowledge and skills of the corresponding level, accelerate the role change, improve the post competency, and prepare for promotion to a higher level via six-month system training. The training mainly focuses on four dimensions: customer management, team management, business management, and individual management.
New team improvement program
"Together to the Future" -- 2022 Workshop on improving the organizational capacity of the anode BU. Through the action learning workshop, we will promote mutual trust and integration between the anode BU and the teams of other sub-company, improve team cohesion, combat effectiveness, and cooperative fighting ability, and improve the overall organizational capacity of the anode BU.
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